In 1987, Ioannis Kardaris who, over the past twenty five years, has distinguished himself in the shipping and tourism industry in Greece and abroad, established “ATLANTIDES TRAVEL” in Piraeus as a personal business entity. In 1995 “ATLANTIDES TRAVEL & SHIPPING CO. LTD.” was incorporated by Ioannis Kardaris as successor of “ATLANTIDES TRAVEL”.


In 2005 Ioannis Kardaris incorporated “ATLANTIDES SHIPPING CO. LTD” of Marshall Islands, which established a shipping and management office in Piraeus, in 2014. These two companies together form “Atlantides Group”.

Atlantides Group is situated in the heart of Piraeus, one of Europe’s largest ports, in its privately owned offices. Apart from its headquarters and branch offices, the Group is the owner of a number of properties (commercial offices, flats, houses and land properties) all over Greece.

The activities and expertise of the Group are:

  • General Shipping
  • Ships’ Management
  • Sale & Purchase
  • Brokerage
  • Cruise Vessels & Yachts Chartering
  • Shipownership
  • General Tourism

From 1987 until 1990 Atlantides Group was mainly involved in yachting and touris activities, mainly as yacht owners, charterers and brokers, as well as tourist agent.  Starting from 1991 Ioannis Kardaris and the founding members of the Group have been actively involved in the chartering and sale & purchase of vessels and cruise ships.