Yachts for Sale

Yachts for Sale

  • Cruise Vessel 2

    Built by Chantiers de l’ Atlantique, she presents 424 outside cabins (19 with balconies) and 203 inside cabins. She offers a lot of facilities such as spa & beauty salon, gym, casino, swimming pools (including a kids pool), cinema, sports deck and card room.

  • Cruise Vessel 1

    She was built in 1992 by Union Naval de Levante in Valencia, Spain. She presents comfortable interiors with picture windows in almost all public rooms. She has 400 cabins of which 277 are outside cabins and 123 inside cabins. Most of the Executive suites have a private balcony and the Junior suites are a little larger than standard cabins with more closet space.

  • Dominator 620S

    A beautiful Dominator 620S delivered in 2009 perfectly maintained! She is located in Montenegro.

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